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Alloy Ramps manufacture a full range of standard and bespoke van ramps for every eventuality. With a patented slip resistant flooring and fixed bracket attachment, our folding van ramps are built to last. All of our folding van ramps are fully load-tested and come with a SWL rating of 500kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Safe and functional with a gas strut to control the fold
  • Quick releasing for speed
  • Perfect for flight case loading
  • Durable
  • Ease of use/one person operation
  • Fully load tested with SWL rating of 500kg
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Aluminium base plate to store the ramp until it is required to be used
FR8- Folding Van Ramp
Fixed Folding Loading Ramp


Innovative Design

We were first asked to look at the possibility of manufacturing folding van ramps for a medical supply company back in 2005 and ever since we have continued to develop and innovate and now we produce 5 different types of folding van ramps. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most lightweight solutions on the market.

We produce fixed folding, quick-release, lightweight to supply an entire range to suit whatever the client needs may be. The difference with our folding van ramps is that we are NOT a stockist. Everything you see on our website is manufactured completely to order.

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Versatile Ramps Available in Bespoke Designs

Our folding ramps are tapered straight to the ground, leaving a smooth incline and creating an unobstructed walkway straight into your van. They come with a specially designed aluminium plate which is located and bolted into the floor of the van. The ramp then sits vertically and is stored in place until it is needed to be deployed. Fixed folding or swivelling solutions can be provided.

With gas strut options, our folding van ramps suddenly can turn your van into a one man operation and with full safe operating procedures and instructions provided, the ramps are your health and safety answer to stress free loading.

At Alloy Ramps by Aviramp Ltd our folding van ramps are incredibly versatile and we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for every size of company and project, in both the UK and worldwide, no matter how big or small. Our folding van ramps are perfect for flightcase loading and they are the industry “standard” for a range of different sectors.

Bespoke Aluminium Folding Ramp | AlloyRamps

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Peace of Mind

All of our van ramps, standard or bespoke loading ramps are manufactured with a 30 year guarantee on the flooring, load-testing certificates are provided and we manufacture the ramps in-house at our manufacturing base in Telford, Shropshire.

Our folding van ramps are designed as a lighter weight alternative and we supply a number of big companies within the medical sector for all of their fleet of vans. Our van ramps have been the UK’s favourite for over 25 years and we continue to innovate and our goal is to keep the country moving!

Aluminium Folding Ramp Fully Deployed | AlloyRamps
Fixed Folding Ramp in loading position
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