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Alloy Ramps manufacture a full range of standard and bespoke car ramps for every eventuality.
With a fully slip-resistant flooring and flat-top attachment, our car ramps are built to last. All of our car ramps are fully load-tested and come with an SWL rating of 2000kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Highest quality raw materials and aluminum
  • Fully load tested with a SWL rating of 2000Kg
  • Flat top attachment to rest on the ground
  • Bespoke car ramps to suit all models
  • Container loading car ramps, 6 metres in length and in two sections, the perfect solution for unloading and widely used in the furniture removals sector
  • Multi purpose ramps for loading and walkway use
  • Extra security options available
Loading Car Ramps
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Loading Ramps

Standard or Bespoke

We have supplied every type of car ramp imaginable and produce single-stage, two-stage and even three-stage solutions depending on the height that you are loading up to. We can supply car and tracked vehicle ramps for any type of vehicle and our design team will point you in the direction of the perfect gradient and solution for your car and vehicle loading.

We are renowned for our container loading car ramps, at 6 metres in length and in two-sections, they are perfect for removal loading companies. We can even supply multi-purpose vehicle ramps, which can be pushed together and double up as walk up loading ramps for equipment.

The big difference with Alloy Ramps car ramps are that we are NOT a stockist. Everything you see on the Alloy Ramps website is manufactured completely to order.

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Technical Details

Our car and vehicle ramps are tapered straight to the ground, leaving a smooth incline and creating an unobstructed walkway straight into your truck or container. They come with a specially designed flat top which simply rests on the floor of your truck or container. It requires no additional fixing or fuss. Ratchet straps can be attached to the ramps for additional security.

At Alloy Ramps our car ramps are incredibly versatile and we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for every size of company and project, in both the UK and worldwide, no matter how big or small. Our car ramps are perfect for any type of vehicle loading and they are the industry “standard” for a range of different sectors.

All of our car ramps, standard or bespoke loading ramps are manufactured with a 30 year guarantee on the flooring, load-testing certificates are provided and we manufacture the ramps in-house at our manufacturing base in Telford, Shropshire.

Our car ramps have been the UK’s favourite for over 25 years and we continue to innovate and our goal is to keep the country moving

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